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Saturday, August 28, 2004



That's Nashville, Indiana, not the larger and more famous Nashville, Tennessee. But more about that later.

I didn't accomplish all I wanted at the libraries in Bloomington, and I couldn't find a better place to stay, so I risked a park downtown. Then about 11 pm a thunderstorm moved in, and I scrambled to find cover. I managed to stay dry, if not comfortable, during the night. In the morning I went to find some banks and see if I could get some money from my checking account. I tried three, and had no luck. I went back to the County library to do some research, among other things to inspect a map of Ohio and plan my trip through it, since I don't have an Ohio road map with me. I settled on the rest of my route through Indiana. I left town fairly late, and stayed just outside of town.

For most of the year before I took this trip, I have been working on a web site (www.sapiencekb.com), and after this long break from it, ideas are starting to move again, and I've taken some time to try to organize and sort information related to it. I can do some of the research at libraries along the way; the difficulty is that I have problems updating the site. I know enough HTML that I can create pages; the problem is that I don't know how to publish them to the site: I can't very well carry FTP software and install it on library computers! Anyone who can suggest a way to create or maintain a web site while travelling and without my own computer should e-mail me at my webmaster address: webmaster@sapiencekb.com

Shortly after I left Bloomington, headed for Nashville, a woman stopped ahead of me on the road and gave a significant amount of money, for food and motel purposes. She represented an organization which wishes to remain anonymous. If I'm careful with it, it could last the remainder of my trip. I'm very grateful for the help: I was getting seriously concerned.

I'm informed that the hills and ridges I'm travelling through are part of the Appalachian mountain system, and some of them have extensions that can be traced as far as Alabama. The road is winding and the shoulders are narrow, which may account for the fact that I got no ride offers all the 16 miles to Nashville. Although, since I keep to the left side of the road facing traffic, a couple of people have thought I was going back the way I had come from and offered rides going that direction! I passed by Yellowwood National (?) and one of Indiana's largest parks: Brown County State Park, and the "Little Nashville Opry", which has national country music stars performing on occasion. I reached Nashville around 8:30 pm and went through the downtown area: one of the nicest I have ever been through. Nashville is known as a center of arts and crafts, and has cultivated an old-time rustic appearance but with modern conveniences.

I found a cattle farm just outside of town and stayed outside it for the night: The cattle came over to inspect but decided I was harmless and not there to feed them, so they moved on and grazed elswhere. I came in to the library to do my update and do a little other research. I mean to try to reach Columbus (that's Columbus, Indiana, not Columbus, Ohio) in time to attend church there, but that's a full day's walk of 16 miles, so I can't afford to stay too long here today.

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