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Monday, August 30, 2004



I left Nashville about noon, and headed toward Columbus. This stretch of road was rather nicer than the one between Bloomington and Nashville; not as steep or winding, and with comfortably wider shoulders. I passed the small town of Gnaw Bone, which had about three flea markets beside the road. I had passed another one between Riley and Spencer. About 3 pm it started raining, and I found place that let me stay in their open carport until the rain subsided. In about an hour the thunderstorm passed, but the sky stayed cloudy. I went on into Columbus, and another wave of rain came back from the other direction. I decided to stay at a motel so I could get out of the rain and clean up for church: It cost about twice what I wanted to pay, but I figured it would be worth it.
In the morning I got up and headed across town to the chapel. While on the way, I encountered a resident who was out walking: he said he is in training to walk the Appalachian Trail, and went with me across town, almost to the church. Columbus has plenty of walking trails through the city (People trails, they are called), and when the network is finished will be one of the nicest I have seen anywhere.
I had intended to attend both wards if possible, but it took all morning to get there and the meeting in the later ward started half an hour earlier than the Church web site said they did. I missed the sacrament and came in while the bishopric was speaking. The Sunday school lesson was a repeat of the one on the war chapters. This instructor focused on the role of the 2000 "stripling warriors". She also made mention of recent archeological discoveries in Guatemala, which are thought to be the remains of the fortifications described in Alma 48 and afterwards. The Priesthood lesson was combined with the Relief Society, principally on the subject of Faith. I was rather disappointed about the hospitality of the members. The ward was large, well-attended, and busy, and although there were several people who greeted me and inquired about whether I was a member or visiting, no one had the time to stop and converse much once they found I was only visiting.
I found a park and stayed there for the night, intending to visit the branch campus of Indiana University - Purdue University -Columbus. It was overcast, cool, and windy, but stayed dry.
This morning I went to IUPUI, and was more or less questioned by the security guard when I went into the building. The posted hours said it opened at 7:00 AM, but I was asked to leave until 8 AM when more people would be there. The library internet access policies are the least friendly to visitors of any I have seen across the country and I wasn't able to get on there. I was seriously disappointed and rather upset, but I came to the neighboring Ivy Technical College, which hasn't given me nearly the same difficulty. The physical facilities are nice, but I don't have fond memories of Columbus. The public library, downtown, is too far for me to bother going back to, so I will be leaving here, headed towards Greensburg, then to Batesville.

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