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Monday, August 16, 2004



After I left Shelbyville, I walked about halfway to the next town, Windsor. It was already after sunset when a woman on her way to her future daughter-in-law's bachelorette party picked me up and gave me a ride that far. She mentioned that when she was "young and stupid" in the 70s, she had done some hitchhiking, and most people she knew had at least one bad story to tell. She took me to the other side of Windsor. Since that was only about 12 miles from Mattoon, I decided to push on through the night and try to make it to church by 9:30

I made it, without being stopped by the police this time, and attended meetings there. The theme of the Sacrament meeting was on Freedom through Obedience. The speakers were a young couple who had recently moved into the ward. One of the consequences of going without sleep in order to attend church is a greater-than-normal tendency to fall asleep in it; so I must confess to not hearing all they had to say. As I had feared, I missed a lesson in the Sunday school sequence, since this week's dealt with the war chapters of the Book of Mormon (Approx. Alma 43-52). The Priesthood lesson was more interesting to me, since this was on the topic of forgiveness. I came with a greater appreciation of the need for forgiveness in developing Christian charity: certainly, the people I have felt to be least charitable have been those who are least forgiving. An elderly high priest offered me a ride right after church to Charleston. The library there was open until 5 PM. Afterward, I found a park to do some reading, then walked out of town a mile or so to find a place to sleep.

I came back this morning to the Eastern Illiniois University library. The "Old Main" building looks a bit like a medieval castle, quite distinctive compared to other university buildings I have seen. From here, my route should take me through Paris, Illinois, the last major town before I reach Terre Haute, Indiana.

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