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Wednesday, August 25, 2004



I neglected to mention that Monday morning, I was offered a ride the rest of the way into Spencer, which sped things up a little. After spending most of the day in the library there, I managed to call my parents. My mother was glad to hear from me, and apparently my family is following my progress here. Afterwards, I went a little way out of town, just across a bridge, and spent the night there.
I started early in the morning, and after a couple of miles, much to my surprise, a man stopped, parked his car, and came across the road to speak to me. He asked if I was the Confutus that was going across the country. A friend of his in Terre Haute had encountered this blog and commented on it, asking if someone had seen me going through Riley, and since he was on his way toward Bloomington and saw me, he stopped. He offered a ride to the next town, Ellettsville. He mentioned that he had stopped earlier in the day at one of the historical sites and learned that this part of Indiana was the source of limestone used in major public buildings, I think including the US Capitol building. I found that there was a library in Ellettsville (It seems that in Indiana, libraries are more funded by the county than by individual cities), and overstayed the day. I had a half-hour limit, on the net, so didn't accomplish much. Late in the evening, it was raining rather heavily, but had mostly stopped by the time I left. I found a laundromat and ducked in there to do a load of wash while I waited for the storm to go on by.
Through Ellettsville and a couple of miles beyond, the road is a 5-lane highway with a wide turn lane, sidewalks, and plenty of businesses. I found a place to stay the night, and continued on.
I reached Bloomington, and the library at Indiana University about 10 A.M.

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