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Friday, July 02, 2004


Seward II

I got hung up in Seward's library yesterday, so I didn't get very far. The internet terminals were closed, so I didn't do my regular update there, and this post is actually from the Concordia University Library, on the other side of town. But this time I'm not sticking around, I need to move on. Seward claims to be Nebraska's 4th of July City and is preparing for its annual 4th of July show, with thousands of visitors from out of town expected. It's a bit rainy today, but not too bad; and I need to check the weather report before I leave. I still expect to reach Lincoln Saturday afternoon.
Since St. Paul, I've been noticing that many of the older streets in towns of a few thousand people are paved with brick. Perhaps that's not so unusual, but it's something I never saw in Arizona or Utah. These towns are neat and clean and reasonably friendly, and if I didn't have other goals and plans, I wouldn't mind staying.

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