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Saturday, July 10, 2004


Red Oak

I left Glenwood rather late, about 5 pm, and hiked until dark, abut 9 miles. I found a spot on top of a hill to stretch out, and got rained on in the middle of the night. I didn't get too wet, and yesterday morning kept going.
This part of Iowa is rolling hills, largely running north and south, with rivers and creeks between ridges. It's rather greener than Nebraska, especially central Nebraska, with more trees closer together. I haven't seen any irrigation pivots, although most of the farms in Nebraska had them. A good many of the fields on hillsides are somewhat terraced, another thing I didn't see in Nebraska. I saw a couple of deer, as well.
About 11 a Sheriff's Deputy from Mills County stopped to check me out, then offered a ride. He mentioned that not too long ago, a deputy stopped a backpacker like myself, and found that he was wanted for murder in California! It only takes a couple of incidents like that to make law enforcement in particular and people in general a bit suspicious. He took me a couple of miles into the next county, Montgomery, and I staggered into Red Oak, exhausted, about 4 pm. I found a park, then went downtown and found the library 5 minutes before closing, so I got some groceries and spent the rest of the day resting. I didn't feel good about spending the night in the park this time, but the county fairgrounds were across the street and I found a place there to rest. The town swimming pool is nearby, so I may go for a swim (yes, I brought a swimsuit!). I plan to spend tomorrow here in Red Oak, and then proceed Monday to the next town, Corning.

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