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Friday, July 23, 2004



I left Knoxville rather late, and again had difficulty finding a place to stay the night, but managed.  I had taken the wrong road out of town, and was headed for Pella. I had thought of going through Pella, but decided against it.  I checked my map and found that there was a road that would take me to the main highway to Oskaloosa, so I headed for that. I had almost  finished taking a rest break, when much to my surprise a driver stopped and called to me. It was the same man who had given me a ride into Knoxville! He was going golfing with, I presume, his business partner, and was headed for Oskaloosa. So, I got here much quicker and more easily than I had planned. 
My socks have been wearing out: several of them have holes, and I don't have mending supplies.   So on the way into town I found a Wal-Mart and used a shopping card that still had a few dollars on it, and got a few pair. There are two colleges I would like to visit while I am here,  William Penn University and Venard College, so I hope to do those visits today and make a start toward Ottumwa tonight. That should put me into a town that has an LDS branch or ward for Sunday.


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