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Thursday, July 29, 2004


Mt. Pleasant

After leaving the library, I started to head back east of town to find a place to sleep, and stopped in at a taco place to get something to eat. A couple of gentlemen inquired about my travels, so I gave them a basic outline. I stayed and had a nice conversation with one of them. He works as a contractor, and has had experience with teaching and other positions. This was one of the nicer conversations I've had in a while. I didn't visit the Management school, but one of the people I talked to indicated that they teach Transcendental Mediation, and there is a strong Indian (i.e. South Asian) presence in town. I was also told that there would likely not be a problem if I stayed overnight in the parks, so I found one just north of the Downtown area and stayed there without incident. Although, it was right next to a busy railroad.
I visited the library again Wednesday and rather overstayed what I had intended, although I did get my laundry and groceries done. By the time I left, it was late and I made it to the other park on the east side of town, and stayed there. 
This morning I headed for Mt. Pleasant, and at the first place I stopped to rest, a man came over to converse. He took me back to Fairfield for lunch, and back to the place where he had picked me up. He inquired about my background and reasons for moving, and our conversation turned largely to religion: we each shared some of our beliefs, and found a great deal in common as well as some differences. Shortly after he left me where he had picked me up, another man came along and offered a ride to Mt. Pleasant. This man, a contractor who restores old farmhouses, had his very talkative and inquisitive young daughter with him. He took me to Iowa Wesleyan College, and I found the library.
From here, I intend to turn south to Fort Madison, on the Mississippi River. This route will take me close to Nauvoo, Illinois. I wasn't certain about going through Nauvoo, since I visited there a couple of years ago and already saw most of what is there to see, but the timing will be right for me to see the "City of Joseph" pageant, which makes it worth the side trip.

Just ran across your blog. Greetings from across the western edge of Iowa in Omaha. I'll have to read more and learn why you're walking across the state. I love Iowa. Lived in Cedar Rapids for a year. Made the drive to Nauvoo several times and I've been through Fairfield too. Not certain where Indianola is though. Good luck in your travels.
I missed your comment earlier. Indianola is in Central Iowa, a little south of Des Moines.
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