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Saturday, July 03, 2004



It was raining when I left Seward yesterday. I hadn't gone very far when I was offered a ride to Lincoln. Since the forecast had been for a rainy day until well into the night, I accepted. The driver is apparently a manager for a service that has a state contract for the mowing along the roads. He mentioned some of the objstacles in getting paid for their work in a timely fashion.
I stopped at the University of Nebraska Love library and was their until nearly closing time. When I came out, my backpack was no longer where I had left it. I suspected that it had been picked up by some kind of lost and found rather than stolen, and found that, fortunately, the Nebraska campus police had picked it up. Unfortunately, the person with the keys to the property room where it is held had gone home and wouldn't back until Monday.
I wandered around downtown Nebraska trying to find the city library (and walked past it twice without recognizing it), a grocery story to get some food, and a place to sleep that was safe, legal, free, and dry. I was told of a shelter where I could sleep, but couldn't find it. About 2AM I did find a park I could hide in for about a 3-hour nap: I've had worse.
I still intend to go to church tomorrow, but with my change of clothes and grooming stuff locked away, I won't be very presentable. My scriptures and non-expired phone cards were buried in my backpack where they were inconvenient to get to, and since they're now temporarily inaccessible, I have more difficulty calling out than I anticipated. All this is a serious inconvenience, but not devastating. I've had worse.
I found some difficulty in reaching my e-mail address from my profile, so I added it to the main blog page. Library access will be closed for July 4th and 5th; so after I recover my belongings, I expect the next update to come from Plattsmouth.

Im glad to hear that you seem to be doing ok, besides your stuff getting locked up. Its great that you have such a positive look on things, and I hope you continue to do well! You know if things dont work out well, you'll always have a home in York. Good luck!
Danielle - (One of the three girls from the park in York)
I'm not always positive; this weekend has been difficult. But rotten stuff happens and there's not a whole lot I can do but deal with it as it comes. Thanks for your encouragement.
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