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Sunday, July 18, 2004



I left Osceola Friday afternoon, and hadn't gone two miles before I had an offer of a ride partway.  The man who offered the ride was on his way home from his weekday job as a trucker. He listens to books-on-tape, many of them science fiction, and is working on his own novels, which he often does during the times when he is waiting for a load.   He took me just over halfway, and then before I had gone another two miles, got another offer, this time from a couple of men with a child in the back seat. They didn't have a whole lot to say, and we only went a couple of miles.  I stayed in a field a few miles out of town and went in the next morning.
The local branch of the LDS church is located right on the main highway in a rented building which it shares with a reclamation center and a hair stylist. I found the library quickly and spent most of Saturday there, then visited Simpson college, which was mostly closed. I found a public park and swimming pool, and then on my way out of town found a campsite for RVs that I used as a place to sleep. I also got a chance to clean up for Sunday.
This morning I went to church. The local branch will be breaking ground for a new chapel this Saturday, after the Stake 24th of July celebration. The theme for the sacrament meeting talks was missionary work. The Sunday School lesson discussed Alma 23-28, the latter part of the mission to the Lamanites, for those familiar with the Book of Mormon. The Priesthood lesson dealt with Heber J. Grant's comments on the hymn "Come, Come, Ye Saints".  Again the hospitality of the members was better than that of many others, but more along the lines of what I have come to expect rather than what I hope for.  Summer hours at the public library are closed Sunday, but the Simpson College library is open.
I've been moving in a rather leisurely fashion, considering the offers for rides I've been given. Although it is somewhat disoncerting when I plan a two day hike and arrive in two hours instead, I would probably do better to pick up the pace if I can.  I need to do laundry again, and make my financial arrangements. My next goal is Knoxville, and then Oscaloosa.

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