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Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Indianola II

I was sitting outside a grocery store across from the County fairgrounds Monday morning, waiting for it to open, when a man came over and mentioned that the carnival that was coming in for the County Fair might be able to use some help setting up, starting that afternoon. I jumped at the chance, so instead of moving on, I waited until the supervisors were on scene and asked if they could use any spot labor.  The owner waited to check with one of his foremen, then said yes, tomorrow.  Another foreman put me to work later that afternoon, though, for a couple of hours.
So I spent yesterday helping setting up carnival rides.  Heavy lifting, a very hot day, and I almost didn't make it through the day.  I think some of the foremen had misunderstood what I was asking and thought I was going to stay the week and help operate rides and take down, because they usually don't hire spot labor for setup, and they would have liked me to stay. But I'm still anxious to move on, and I got paid, so I can go on for a couple more weeks without having to dip into my reserve.  When I finish up doing laundry and my internet updates here, I should be able to go ahead by early afternoon for Knoxville.

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