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Wednesday, July 07, 2004



The moldy smell was getting so bad, I decided to go to the laundry to see if that would help. I found that most of the odor was coming from my sleeping bag, which had gotten well soaked and only dried on the surface, and was overdue for a wash anyway. So, I ran that and the rest of my clothes through the washer and dryer. That helped out, considerably.
The city park in Plattsmouth is a converted railroad yard. In the late 1800s, there were roundhouses and a plant for manufacturing rail cars and locomotives. All these facilities are gone now, and the park is a nice one.
A pre-sunrise walker saw me and thought I was a lump of garbage or something, until she got close enough for the scrunch on the gravel to wake me up. She apologized, then and when she came back a little later, but I told her it was time for me to get up anyway, so there was no problem at all. Plattsmouth is only about a mile or so from the river. I crossed on the toll bridge (free for pedestrians and bicyclists), and indulged in a bit of nonsense: I had to throw one rock in the muddy Missouri River. There was no boat traffic at all. I'm not sure the river is navigable for barges this far upstream, although the nearby railroad brige appears to make allowance for some, but there wasn't any recreational traffic either.
The west bank is rather steeply hilly. The east side is much flatter and given to more corn and alfalfa. I crossed I-29 and went over a couple of overpasses, and reached Glenwood without incident about 1 pm. A couple who were manning a roadside fruit and vegetable stand waved me over, invited me to sit, and offered me a McDonald's happy meal. I helped unload some of the sweet corn they were selling from the truck onto one of the tables before continuing on downtown. The last weather forecast I had seen indicated Wednesday and Thursday were supposed to be clear, but the saying around here is "If you don't like the weather here, wait a few hours".
I've taken a look at the map and made tentative plans for crossing Iowa, but I need to look things over a little more carefully before I go on, so I may not leave until tomorrow.

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