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Thursday, July 08, 2004


Glenwood II

Glenwood has a beautiful park, with a lake and a fountain, and a neighboring ampitheater for concerts and the like. I appreciated the freedom from mosquitoes last night. I went by the local LDS church (the Glenwood branch does have its own building), and found that most of the men and boys were away at scout camp, and the adult leaders of the Young Women were just closing up. I spent the morning at the library, although the librarians there tended toward the suspicious and uncooperative rather than friendly; I'm sure they would be nicer if I were a bona fide resident.
I'm finding that the hour or so typically available for internet access in public libraries isn't really enough to track my e-mail, compose my posts, and do all else I would like to do, so I find myself rather stretching the rules. The Family History Library, located in back of the LDS chapel turned out to be a much nicer and friendlier place, and I was fortunate to catch it open. It helped, I think that I have some connection to the founder.
I might note that since Aurora, passing drivers don't wave nearly as much as in central Nebraska. Among other residentce, I'm not sure whether or not I am imagining an increasing reluctance to greet me or respond to whatever nods, waves, or greetings I extend.
My next destination is Red Oak, Iowa, some 30 miles. I will be following Highway 34 as far as Osceola, Iowa. There don't seem to be many LDS branches located between here and there, and the weather forecasts are looking a bit iffy; July in Nebraska and Iowa isn't normally this cool and wet, but I intend to leave this afternoon.

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