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Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Creston II

Creston apparently got its name from the fact that it was at the highest elevation between the Missouri and Mississippi Valleys when one of the first railroads came through Iowa.
I hiked up to Green Valley State Park yesterday afternoon and last night, since this was a designated camping area. I might as well have saved the effort, since it was geared toward trailers and RVs, with a cost of $11 per night, which is out of my price range. However, the lake at the park does seem to have been a stopping point on the Mormon Trail through Iowa, which I hadn't known. I had an extraordinarily hard time sleeping last night; not only difficulty in finding a place, but mosquitoes whining in both ears made it very difficult to react. But..I managed.
I found the Southwest Community College campus, and I am taking advantage of the less restrictive internet access policies in its library to update this journal, do research for my mathematical speculations (logicker.blogspot.com), and hide out from the weather, which is overcast and looking like rain. After it closes, later this afternoon and evenings, I plan to set out for Osceola, some 34 miles if I remember rightly; so it may be a couple of days before I get there. Or, I could get speeded up again. I've pretty much abandoned the strict no-rides policy, but I'm sticking to my practice of walking against the traffic and not asking. My money situation, for food and laundry, isn't critical, but it is starting to become a concern, and resupply from my account in Nebraska might be tricky.

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