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Wednesday, June 30, 2004



I had walked around the campus and satisfied myself that York College is a rather small 4-year college Monday night I stopped in at the Levitt Library at York College Tuesday morning, and did some reading and took some notes in history. I miss being able to spend what time I like in college and university libraries. although doing so has been a major distraction from employment. I visited the main office to get what information I could. York College is sponsored by the Churches of Christ, and advertises itself as a Christian college.
I was stopped on the way out of town by a York Police officer and went through the usual routine, then reached the highway and headed East. It was overcast part of the day, then cleared up later. I stopped just outside of Utica to sleep. I passed lots of corn and some soybean fields, and probably other crops I didn't recognize. This part of Southeastern Nebraska is still pretty flat. Last summer around Ord there were lots of grasshoppers last year; this trip has been most notable for their absence, except for a few small ones.
A few miles past Utica a trucker stopped and offered a ride for about 6 miles, which I accepted. He had spent some time in the Marines and appreciated the difficulty and slow speed of hiking, and thought that people don't seen to do enough nowadays to help others out, so wanted to do his little bit. He observed that drivers in rural areas tend to be better at it; close to cities, they ignore hikers, and in the cities, they're as likely to run a hiker down as pick one up; meaner was as close as he could come to the word he wanted to use. I've observed similarly, which is why I've been sticking to rural areas and am a little bit apprehensive about going through Lincoln. From there I hiked on into Seward, reaching hear about 1 PM.
I noticed that the Supreme Court in its wisdom has decided to protect the freedom of commercial purveyors of gross obscenity to use the Internet to exploit the unsuspecting, including children. One more piece of evidence that government of the people, for the people, and by the people is being replaced with government of the people, by lawyers and judges, for the secular elite. I'll say it again: The problem is that over the nations history, the Supreme Court has effectively claimed the role of ultimate arbiter so that in effect the Constitution means what the Court says it does. It has an effective veto over Congressional law, presidential activity, State law, and even local school boards, which gives it more power than the Constitution's authors ever intended to be exercised by such a small group of people so insulated from responsibility for their decisions. So there's my public political rant.
I expect to stay here overnight and may post again tomorrow before I head for Lincoln, another 25 miles.

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