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Thursday, June 10, 2004


Route planning

I've finally managed to move my library into storage; now I get to work on other papers I've been lugging around, and seeing what I can condense.
I have a preliminary plan for the route I will be taking. Starting from Ord, Nebraska, I intend to go through
North Loup, St. Paul., Central City; Aurora;, York; Seward; Lincoln; Plattsmouth; and Glenwood, Iowa. I'll decide on further details as I approach.
I don't much care for either large cities or very small towns. A couple of years ago when I went through Omaha, I was dismayed by the cages around cashiers and the like at motels and convenience stores; and they tend to be designed for the automobile, not the pedestrian. On the other hand, a town of a few hundred with only one store, or perhaps not even that, has few of the various resources I may need.
I'm not certain how long it will take to get this far: At least two weeks, perhaps more. Based on my experience going through Utah and Colorado, I'm planning on about 15 miles per day. That may not seem very far. When I was in High School, I could go a mile and 3/4 in 35 minutes easily without a problem, and in my 20s I could do a round trip of 8 miles or so in an afternoon. Now, with a heavier backpack, more fat, more years of a sedentary bookish lifestyle, and noticeably less stamina and tolerance for the heat...I've slowed down.

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