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Wednesday, June 16, 2004



Confounded delays. I meant to leave Monday, Tuesday, Today... tomorrow for certain, ready or not. This time the delay was a massive headache. I had intentions of finishing up all my preparations and leaving today, but accomplished next to nothing.

One of the many reasons I am taking this trek is that I hope for some health benefits. I've had struggles with depression and have high blood pressure, and exercise is supposed to be good for those. I found for myself a long time ago that being physically tired at the end of the day is an excellent remedy for insomnia.
This works in combination with diet. Since I can't carry a lot of food with me, don't have cooking gear, I don't have money to burn, I have to avoid a convenience store and fast food diet. Snacks high in sugar, salt, and fat or cooking oil won't do.
I'm not particularly concerned about losing weight: I figure if I need to lose any, it will come with the exercise. I'm more concerned with too few calories than too many. High nutritional vaue and least weight for the dollar works out to mostly but not exclusively grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, not highly processed. Meat either requires cooking, or if it's been prserved and processed enough not to need it, it costs too much. Besides, coming from higher on the food chain, it is inherently more expensive anyway. Since this kind of diet is fairly close to my understanding of what is healthy anyway, it shouldn't hurt.
I will be setting out for North Loup, Nebraska tomorrow morning.

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