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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Getting started

In Ord, Nebraska, the local radio station has a weekday call-in hour where people can advertise to buy, sell, or trade. I can sell my car (an old clunker that I paid $200 for and is now worth half that, plus costs more in insurance, registration, gas, and repairs than I can afford) and furniture I don't need. Better to sell it and buy again when I reach my destination, than move it across the country: it doesn't have that much sentimental value. That way, I can hopefully clear some debts and get a few more supplies I will need. I meant to do that today, but missed my window.
Other preparations involve packing up my library for storage, sorting through my rat's nest of old papers I have been lugging around with me for years, and a little bit of trip planning. Those are going to take a few days. Walking is a SLOW way to get around; I don't recommend it for long distance travel for one who is in a hurry to get someplace. But if the price of gas keeps going up or something interrupts our oil imports, we may someday ALL be back to riding shank's ponies.

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