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Monday, June 07, 2004


Getting started IV

I talked with a few people about my plans yesterday; I found rather less criticism and more understanding than I had anticipated. Generally, I mean to take Sundays off from hiking.

I've made all too little progress on the packing and sorting I have been meaning to do, and none on selling my stuff. I may have to start with what meager leavings were in my checking and savings accounts I just closed: I can go farther than one might expect on what I have, and I am somewhat surprisingly not worried about being able to earn more when I'm on the way. I'll have more to report when I'm actually on the road.

One of the suggestions I read dealt with foot care and preventing boot root. Good advice, and not hard to follow. It also led me to think of some comparisons to that and to moral rot of society, but I'll just mention it: no long article on the subject.

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