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Thursday, June 03, 2004


Getting started, II

A friend who I told about my plans asked me when I'm planning to leave. The answer is, no earlier than June 7, no later than June 14. In the meantime, I've advertised my stuff for sale and have a few nibbles, but no bites. I may have to reannounce tomorrow, plus a couple of corrections.
My sister-in-law wants me to do a bunch of work in her garden before I go, so I have to sandwich in that between my moving stuff around for buyers to inspect and out of the basement into storage. Or the other way around. So, progress is slow, but I didn't expect it to be fast.
It still seems a bit odd that I'd rather hike across half the continent than apply for a job. But "looking for work" has too often meant a dreary routine of filling out forms that don't show my best skillls and don't match the requirements of jobs I don't really want, followed by an equally dreary waiting to see whether my application will be ignored or turned down. It's enough to depress anyone. I need better than that.
To quote Shakespeare, "...Though this be madness, yet there's method in it..."

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